The Glute Bridge vs. The Squat

The Glute Bridge vs. The Squat

Who likes big butts?? Let’s face it, the answer is everyoneeee! Okay, back to being serious. Who’s heard of the Glute Bridge? I’m sure many of you have and many of you (especially girls) incorporate this exercise into your gym regimes. I see a lot of people saying glute bridges are the best exercise for developing a bigger butt, but ask yourself this. Is your butt really getting any bigger?

I’m not talking about the immediate pump you get afterwards, that’s just your blood getting all happy and excited. I’m talking about clear, long term results and proper development of the muscle. Oh you’re really thinking about it now, aren’t you?

Ask yourself if this exercise is really working your posterior chain? Well yes it is, but only if you are doing it correctly and have relatively active glutes. The main part of the exercise and where you get the most glute activation is when you hit the top of your bridge in your fully extended position and you can achieve this activation best by using a resistance band.

Why use a band? Well think about it. The weight of a barbell always stays the same no matter how high or how low you are in the exercise. By using a resistance band it will get tighter as you reach the top of the bridge position. When you’re holding this position at the top, you’re constantly working under the tension of the band otherwise you will have no choice but to be dragged down. Just like a squat! This is how glute bridge movements translate so well to squat movements, the point at which the glutes kick in most is when you have fully extended, reached the top of your squat and locked all of those muscles in place.

So with that being said, I would say you will get the best benefits from glute bridge exercises by using it as the warm up before squatting. This is because the same muscles will have already been engaged and are now ready to get most perky butt benefits from squats!

Happy squatting everyone!

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