Trying to do everything at once!

Trying to do everything at once!

I see this so much both with coaches taking sessions and when seeing people train in the gym. They try to cram every bit of knowledge they have into one session. Believe it or not the coaches that have done the most education are the ones I see do this most. It’s almost as if they take on so much information and great knowledge their sessions become a showcase of them, instead of focusing on what the client actually wants to achieve.

If you are still confused on what I am talking about here is an example.

You have a one hour session with a coach and in that session they tell you to warm up and then go into some agility work, then after some strength work, followed by a metabolic circuit, followed by some prehab and to finish some interval sprints. As silly as it sounds, 9 times out of 10 this is what I see people doing.

Now I’m not putting this blog to put anyone down, it’s great that you have clearly educated yourself and developed knowledge on so many different training methods but now the next step is how to structure it and when to use certain methods.

It’s easy! The first stage is to ask yourself what is the client’s goal? Second stage is to access the client’s ability. From there before you put any exercise or training method into their program, you ask yourself two questions. How will this benefit my client to get them closer to their goal and are they able to perform it? And if they can’t perform it, how can you regress this exercise so eventually they can?

Moral of the story, do not make your sessions a showcase of what you can do but make it about what your clients want to achieve.

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