Common Gym Question: Will sit ups give me a flat stomach?

Common Gym Question: Will sit ups give me a flat stomach?

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There are better exercises to do to get a flat stomach.

Sit-ups & crunches were once the go-to exercises for defined abs and a slim waist, over time these exercises lost their place at the top and have been replaced with planks and other core focused movements. So why the sudden change?

Sit-ups put stress on your lower back which can create injury in this area because the exercise pushes your curved spine against the floor instead of safely working the desired body part. Sit-ups also work your hip flexors, these are the muscles that run from the middle of the spine down the thighs. If the hip flexors become too tight they will begin tugging at the lower spine creating further lower back pain.

Additionally, sit-ups & crunches target limited muscles, in contrast planks work multiple muscles on your front, back & sides strengthening the entire group of core muscles. During the pursuits of our daily lives, sports and other fun activities your muscles must work together which is why planks and compound exercises like squats or deadlifts are far more effective for our growth & development.

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