Holiday approaching? Follow these simple steps to get in shape

Holiday approaching? Follow these simple steps to get in shape

Are you giving yourself a realistic amount of time to reach your goal?

To all the part time gym goers, how many times have you been 4 weeks away from your holiday and thought that would give you enough time to get into shape?

Why are you making it so hard for yourself? Realistically, if you have decided to return to the gym after a period of not training at all, the rest of that week is usually a write-off because your body is shocked from the extreme change. So you are actually looking at a solid 3 weeks to get into the shape you want, if that! A healthy amount of weight loss is 0.5kg every two weeks so with the window you leave yourself, you’re only going to be looking at a 1kg drop at most. 

You may be thinking I don’t want to lose weight for my holiday, I just want to tone up. In reality, toning up is stripping fat away from muscle so it’s the same thing. Before you say I just want to lose fat around my stomach or arms, you cannot target which area of your body loses fat.

Now, if you don’t like training or dieting but want to get in shape these are our key tips to keep you in relatively good shape before taking things up a notch so you are ready for your holiday.

If you hate the gym then do everything to maintain or drop your weight outside the gym:


Try to increase your average daily steps and generally move around more. Take the stairs or walk up the escalators.


Stop overeating. Sounds pretty straight forward but as a society we consume much more than we need to, so eat until you are 80% full and then stop. Ways you can do this is by using smaller plates to serve your food, eat slower, plan a walk after you eat (no one likes to go 

for a walk when they are bloated).

Be active

Find an activity you enjoy. All jokes aside, it’s important to be active for bigger reasons than simply looking good. Finding an activity you enjoy can not only help you maintain or lose weight but also keeps you in a good physical and mental condition which is the ultimate definition of being healthy. Dance, cycle, play a sport. There are countless activities for you to choose from.


Plan for the long-term. You’re going to have more than one holiday in your life so try to follow a program that offers a variety in your training and eating all year round. Every session you do should not be so intense that you can barely move the next day. Also, yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and can actually prevent you from being able to lose weight at all in the long run. 

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