What to do when your weight loss slows down

What to do when your weight loss slows down

Although the equation of weight loss is as simple as burning more energy than you are consuming, your body will be fighting you along the way.

It’s common to start following a diet and at first seeing good progress before seeing your weight  come to a stand still or sometimes even increase without you doing anything different.

This is down to your body reducing how many calories you are burning at rest as a self defence mechanism. Throughout history our bodies have dealt with fighting famine longer than obesity and although you may know that you need to eat less, your body however will sometimes see this as a threat and make changes to either stop or slow this threat down.

What to do:

✅ Be patient and give yourself enough time on the diet you have chosen before making any changes.

✅ Introduce small changes to keep you in a deficit without doing a complete U turn on what you have started.

✅ Explore all avenues of how you can create a calorie deficit and not just through exercise.

✅ Look at more than one way of measuring your progress for example measuring your waist or weekly progress pictures.

✅ Introduce a controlled refeed where you increase your calories slightly for a short amount of time.

✅ Try not to stress about it and enjoy the process.

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