The Dreaded Weighing Scales

The Dreaded Weighing Scales

Who gets conscious about weighing themselves??

It’s quite common yet when working with clients, the more data we have the more we can help as coaches and if your goal is to lose weight then there is no better data than knowing where you are with your weight as you train or diet.

Your weight will tell us whether we need to decrease or increase your calories and can open up the conversation to other factors that may be affecting your progress.

Let’s try to change your approach, rather than weighing yourself with the expectation of losing weight every time you step on the scales, weigh yourself with the question in mind; “I wonder what affect my week has had on my weight” and then draw the conclusion of what needs to change or stay the same depending on where your weight is. Do this on a weekly basis.

There are a few things to take into account that may also affect your weight, these are:

  • Water retention
  • What you had to eat before you weighed yourself
  • The time of day you’re weighing yourself
  • Stress

That being said, take the result with a pinch of salt and instead of comparing it to your last result, keep track of it over a longer period of time. Compare it across the whole journey to give you the indication if things are moving in the right direction alongside the changes you are making.

If anyone wants to have more of an in depth conversation about this then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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